Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Single Fin Mellow - 7'6" Classic Single Fin

Namaste Sea Spray. It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and splash a few photos up on the site.

This is my latest creation. A seventies inspired big-guy single fin designed by Grant Newby and built by my good self. Grant also had the foam blank cut for me. I've christened it Single Fin Mellow after one of my favourite Jason Baffa surf films Single Fin Yellow.

5 mm top and bottom paulownia skins finished with 2 coats of rolled epoxy resin.

 Some basket weave detail on the nose.

And basket weave on the sides of the tail.

6 x 2mm thick paulownia strips wrap easily around the tail and blend into the 5 mm rail strips.

 My organic Gold Finger bananas are flowering. Woo Hoo.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Namaste Fin Fondlers,

Here's a glimpse of my latest creation from the Ashram. An elliptical seven inch fin for a standard fin box. Designed in FreeCAD and machined on my Stepcraft CNC machine. This is a larger version of the elliptical thruster fin I've designed previously.

Made from Tasmanian oak, laminated with a 4 ounce fibre glass sandwich in between, and finished with epoxy resin and polyurethane clear finish. Ready for some testing with David Miller.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Surfrider Eco Challenge - Mudjimba

Come out to Mudjimba SLSC this Saturday for the Surfrider Foundation's ECO CHALLENGE. 

A FREE community event of Wooden Surfboards, Live Music, Eco Village market stalls, water refill station, guest speakers, a target of zero waste to landfill & NO plastics!! 

Mudjimba Boardriders have their end of year / 30yr anniversary presentations on too! 

Fun & Activism. Sustainable & Eco-Logical.

Challenge yourself. Challenge society.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Wooden Board Day 2106

Namaste Woodmeisters. The 8th Annual Wooden Board Day this year was a huge success. Gaia, the primal goddess of the earth was kind to us by bringing on the perfect weather with blue skies and light offshore winds. Poseiden was equally kind by providing clean shoulder to head high sets at the Alley. So with a leave pass from Mrs. Wood Buddha tucked safely in my back pocket I had a guilt free day with my fellow woodies. Now, that leave pass didn't come cheap my weathered friends. There has been a lot of dish washing, paving, lawn mowing BBQ's with the mother-in-law, performed to procure said leave pass. The sacrifices have been high.

Here are some photos of the day from my good mate and photographer Briney...and a few dodgy snaps from my good self. Enjoy.
A Grant Newby board.

Some punters enjoying the boards on display.

Stuart Bywater talking to the crowd.

Steve's Captain America special.

Nobby, came all the way from Japan.

A CNC cut board from NZ.

The Wood Buddha checking out Stuart Bywater's latest camphor laurel board. Hmmm....smells nice.

The "Yang"

Kook Box from Stuart Bywater.

 A Tom Wegener Belly Board.

 Amazing woodwork.

 It's great to see a toothpick on display.

 Some amazing (and I don't use that word lightly) pyrography.

 I think I'm in love... wonder the early seafarers crashed their boats into reefs with these sea sirens leading them astray.

 Bad girl.

 A memorial to our fallen friend and fellow board builder Geoff Moase.


 Local news cameras were there to capture the stoke.

 Some cool hand planes by Evan Jade.

Wooden leash plugs made from Jarrah and English Oak.