Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Dylan White's Addiction - Charity Boards

Namaste Woodies. This is Dylan. Dylan is addicted to making wooden surfboards. Dylan blames me for his addiction. I get blamed for a lot of stuff particularly by Mrs. Wood Buddha. I get blamed for not listening to Mrs. Wood Buddha, losing my keys by putting them in my jacket pocket and forgetting I put them there, forgetting to wash up the dishes, etc. etc. You get my drift. I'm sure I'd get blamed for whole lot of other stuff too...like why shops sell scissors in that impossible to open plastic packaging or world hunger cause I eat too much but that's mainly because I eat my feelings. Hmmm bacon!

Back on topic. Dylan stumbled upon my blog, designed his first board and built it over a period of a couple of months. His second board was an 8'2" made from Bass Wood and Walnut. The board was donated at a fundraiser to the St. Balderick Foundation for childhood cancer research and was sold for US$2500. It was purchased by a guy who is involved with the LA Kings Ice Hockey team. He wanted to donate the board (again) to a charity event that the Kings were hosting. He had the entire team sign the board complete with a 50th anniversary Kings logo and the board sold for US$10,000 with all the proceeds going to the Childrens' Hospital of LA. A sterling effort and a great cause.

Since then Dylan has built a 9' performance tri-fin, a 10' long board and another 10 footer that he hopes to keep as his own personal day to day board. Now if that's not an addiction I don't know what is.

Dylan's goal is to raise US$100,000 in charitable donations by building and placing boards in the appropriate places where they have the best chance of making this happen.

Good luck Dylan and keep up the good work. May good karma shine upon you.


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  2. A great yarn TK and loving the blog. cheers