Sunday, 2 August 2015

The 7th Annual Wooden Board Day - Currumbin Alley

Namaste plank plonkers! This years annual Wooden Board Day was a resounding success with a huge selection of wooden boards on display and a continuous stream of visitors checking out the wares. Nobuhito (Nobby) Ohkawa flew in from Japan for the event which is an outstanding effort and Tom Wegener and son Finley from the Sunshine Coast had a great selection of belly boards, sleds and paipos on display. Firewire surfboards were also exhibiting their latest wooden board creations as was Grant Newby, the organiser of the day. Fantastic weather and although the winds were blowing slightly onshore there were a few nice 2-3' sliders to be had in the Alley early in the day.

Nobby brought along a couple of his boards for show. Each surfboard is made from specially selected paulownia timbers so that the grain matches perfectly and the boards look as if they have been carved out of a single log.

Some amazing artwork on these boards. 

A noosa creation.

A truly glorious day. 

Some Stuart Bywater creations. 

The latest "Vanguard" creation from Firewire.

Some super light Firewire longboards.

 A huge selection of boards from Grant Newby.

 Some more Grant Newby creations.

 Nice shaping stand. It's almost a piece of furniture.

 The Wegener Surfboards tent.

 A traditional paipo from Papua New Guinea. A recent acquisition by Tom Wegener from his recent trip to Tupira.

Fins by Nobby. 

A display from the Wood Buddha. Fins, surfboards and images etched in wood. 

"Fat Rick" and "Iva" on display.

 A pin to pin Alley Slider by Grant Newby.

A 6'8" single fin by Grant Newby. A very nice board. 

Grant, having a chat about his latest creations. 

One of Stuart Bywater's partly completed boards. Stuart runs wooden board building workshops in Brisbane for anyone wanting to build a wooden board.

A selection of sleds, paipos and belly boards from the Wegeners. 

 Wegener Surfboards.

Jeff Jenkins enjoying a frosty "Stone & Wood" brewsky in the shade. A mighty fine tasting beer.

Grant with his latest creation, the "Libra". For when you need to surf on those really heavy days.

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